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holygod wrote:
Yep. Stopped the moment the logo came up. Infowars is on par with flat-earthers, holocaust deniers, and 5Cats. The fact that 5Cats thinks this is a reasonable source says volumes about how his "reality" is so biased and twisted.

Since we like infowars, here are some quotes:

"Orlando massacre was a false flag terror attack orchestrated by the Obama administration to restrict our freedoms"

"the government can create and steer groups of tornadoes"

"(Hillary) is an abject, psychopathic, demon from Hell that as soon as she gets into power is going to try to destroy the planet"

"Obama and Hillary both smell like sulfur. They smell like Hell."

And that the sandyhook massacre never happened and the "victims" were child actors.

Fuck Alex Jones. Fuck anyone who spreads his evil bullshit. Apologies fancylad, but fuck anyone who allows this to spread. I'm off IAB for a week as protest. This isn't OK.

holygod wrote:
fancylad I think I read somewhere that in the rare circumstances where the bull wins they may allow it to survive for breeding purposes. However, if You have ever watched a bull fight, they don't just kill the bull, they repeatedly stab it with spears until it gets tired enough that the bullfighter can kill it with a sword.
holygod wrote:
I'm no PETA nut, but what they do to bulls is some cold hearted, disgusting, cruel, depraved shit.
holygod wrote:
Great now all Australians are going to be Autistic. Way to go government.
holygod wrote:
casaledana That information is as inaccurate at the quote. You don't seem to verify information. You just regurgitate what you are spoon fed. Try getting out of your bubble and you may be shocked how skewed your view of the world is.

"The public could not even read at the time"
Yes they could. It was made public online. October 30, 2009. There are plenty of articles and commentary on the bill available from that day or shortly after.

"many of the representatives had not had a proper amount of time"
They had 9 days to read it. That's besides the point. Bills are often several hundred pages long. Very few bills are read in their entirety before voting. You think congressmen read 1,500 page budgets before they vote on them? Your complaint is a partisan hatchet job with no basis in reality.

"1000 pages"
First, it was 1990 pages, but that doesn't really matter as lots of the pages were nearly empty or divider pages. There was 234,812 words in H.R. 3962. There are 257,000 words in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

If you don't think the public or a congressman can read a harry potter book in over a week then they aren't intelligent enough to understand what's in the bill anyways.

Apparently, you have believed and repeated missinformation for 8 years on this topic. People like you are the reason Trump is president. Research something before repeat it. Don't just echo Fox News.
holygod wrote:
megrendel Yes I know. I said that. But you divided all deaths (including pedestrians) by total drivers. If people can be killed even if they aren't driving then you need to divide deaths by total population, not just drivers.
holygod wrote:
megrendel OK. First, I don't think your math is right. I mean it is, but I'd imagine the deaths take into account pedestrians killed by accidents as well. So you can't just use the number of drivers. You'd have to include the whole population as a car can kill you even if you never set foot in one.  

Let's use .017% though. It isn't a high rate, but it is a high enough rate to fix a problem. I mean its roughly the same death rate of breast cancer. Shouldn't we still try to cure the problem if we can? 

I read 95% reduction somewhere but I don't remember where and it was just hypothetical. However, let's say its only 30% reduction. Are we not going to save 10,000 lives a year because the counter argument is "ya, but I like shifting manually"?

People are often not smart enough. That's what laws are for.

I think we're going to be amazed how fast automation becomes standard on cars. It was only the 90s when a passenger side airbag was a feature in luxury vehicles only. Now Hyundais have side curtain airbags. Tesla already has functioning auto pilot. Pretty soon your Civic will drive itself.
holygod wrote:
megrendel Well, in 2015 there were 35,000 auto related fatalities and 2.4 million injuries.

If automated vehicles can eliminate 95% of those I'd like to think people would be smart enough to realize that simply liking something is not a good enough reason to put that many people's lives at risk by keeping it.

But hey, maybe not. It certainly doesn't work that way for certain other things....
holygod wrote:
skypirate That might be illegal soon.
holygod wrote:
casaledana You can't use quotes if you aren't going to get the quote correct.

The quote is "We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it". YOU (as in the public) not WE (as in the legislators). The legislators knew what was in it and had plenty of time to read it.

Stop repeating bad information.
holygod wrote:
This is a legitimate question to Conservatives.

Let's say Trump leads us through 8 years of peace.
Let's say the economy booms for 8 years.
Let's say everyone gets affordable health insurance.
Let's say unemployment drops to 0%, he creates peace in the middle east, he ends world hunger, and we all get free blowjob robots.

Aren't you a LITTLE embarrassed that he's our president?

I mean Snooki from Jersey shore could be the best president we've ever had, but I'd still be embarrassed.
holygod wrote:
barry9a No. Not blasting the ACA. Their followers like the ACA. What they hate is OBAMACARE.
holygod wrote:
megrendel So if one conservative does something I can start shitting on conservatives as a whole for it? Every time 5Cats says something bat shit crazy I should complain about "conservatives"?
holygod wrote:
dragon91 Actually, I believe it is libel, which is more serious.
holygod wrote:
casaledana Yes. It is exactly that. By the way, that stuff got posted on here by 5Cats . I don't seem to remember you calling it shit back then. Maybe I'm forgetting....
holygod wrote:
megrendel See how you instantly start shitting on "libs" and their pettiness? I mean, why bother to read the comments of EVERY SINGLE "LIB" in here saying this is stupid. Drop the US vs. THEM mentality. Its fucking this country up.
holygod wrote:
megrendel God yes, is she unlikeable. She has no charisma or personality whatsoever. Likability isn't that big a factor for me. I've said before that people who choose a president based on who they'd like to have a beer with are fucking idiots. Unfortunately, the country is full of fucking idiots. Bush was more likable than Gore or Kerry. No doubt. However, I guess I thought we voted to pick the leader of the free world, not Prom King.
holygod wrote:
megrendel Yep. She fucked up using the wrong email server. If that was your one and only metric for which to pick a president then good job. You definitely picked the correct one.
holygod wrote:
megrendel There isn't a politician on Earth that isn't a proven liar. You can't objectively tell me that Hillary has a bigger history of lying than Trump does. The guy fucking lies about whether it rained at his inauguration. He lies so much it is a joke. When people complained about Hillary they'd bring up a lie from years ago. When people complain about Trump they bring up the lies from THAT DAY.
holygod wrote:

Let's talk about the democratic nomination for a second. 

1. I will say for the record for all of time that I liked Bernie. I liked Bernie 10 years ago. I would have voraciously supported Bernie till my dying breath. There isn't a doubt in my mind he would be president right now.

2. The parties can pick whoever they want to run. They don't owe the people or anyone anything. There are no rules whatsoever they have to follow and nobody they are beholden to.

3. Bernie isn't a democrat. You don't think the democrats were going to do everything in their power to make sure a democrat won the democrat's primary? Bernie running for the democratic nomination is almost like someone from Switzerland competing in the Miss USA pageant.
holygod wrote:
megrendel The president who won because the people who voted for him believe in "alternative facts".
holygod wrote:
5cats By "we" you mean non-Americans? Yes, you won. Americans lost.
holygod wrote:
megrendel "Did anyone doubt"

Ummmm, ya, the president you voted for. In fact he publicly said it on numerous occasions even after photos and videos were released. 
holygod wrote:
Before we get too excited about 3D printing everything (as cool as it is) we need to think about the repercussions.

Automation and off-shoring have devastated the uneducated / unskilled working class in America and Europe. This will make things much worse.

Not only that, but it will negate the positive effects of off-shoring on developing nations. If we print everything and the world moves to a completely service based job market a lot of people are going to get left behind.

holygod wrote:
Come on man. This is the kind of shit 5Cats would post about Hillary or Obama. If I made a list of the top 1,000 things that bother me about Trump this wouldn't make the cut. Seems like a perfectly reasonable, simple, and effective solution to a problem.